In Ersilia we like to promote the participation of children and youth in urban planning projects and studies , both to hear their ideas and proposals as to strength their sense of belonging to the place where they live. Last April, we started a process of co-creation at Basseroles school (Sant Miquel de Balenyà) to think and act in the their town improvement.
We invite the secondary school from Era de Dalt school to participate in the development of new mobility plan for the municipality of Tona. More than 50 students participated, drawing the paths they use to take for going from school to home and vice versa.  The experience has been very enriching and we plan to repeat it for other mobility plans.
School -Survey (in Catalan)

Courses and workshops

We also like to share what we know, thus we offer training workshops and coursers as:

  • Communication Strategies: How to inform about  sustainability challenges and issues(UNESCO-CAT 28/11/2011)
  • How to develop learning resources for Sustainability Education (Association of Environmentalists of Catalonia 05/11/2012)
  • How to prepare learning resouces based on active learning methodologies such as problem-based or project-based learning (PBL) and story-centred learning ?  (Centre for training and job placement AVBC, 02/2013).