The Future Of University As If Sustainability Mattered: A Co-creation Experience Through Theory U Journey

The future of university as if sustainability mattered: A co-creation experience through Theory U journey

Ersília leads again Intrepid COST Action Training School.  This year Intrepid Training School programme centres on the question of how universities can be a positive force for transformation and change towards a more sustainable future. The programme invites participants to explore the specific challenges of…

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Transdisciplinary Urban Research Guerrilla Guide: A Guide To Walk, Ask, Observe, Talk, Listen, Think And Share Ideas

Transdisciplinary Urban Research Guerrilla Guide: A Guide to walk, ask, observe, talk, listen, think and share ideas

Together with Didac Ferrer we developed this guide for Barcelona Training School on Inter/Transdisciplinary Research.  It is designed to take notes, and to reflect on the five competences that enable transdisciplinary research: System thinking, Anticipatory, Normative, Strategic and Interpersonal competences.…

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