In addition to develop educational resources and participate in R & I projects Ersilia Foundation supports other institutions with which we share strategies and objectives. In many cases what we do is provide the tools to better communicate and disseminate their projects. In particular, we have collaborated with Sustainable Barcelona Educational programme from the City Council of Barcelona and XESC programme promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia Department of Environment and Housing, Fem Poble St. Miquel de Balenyà Neighborhood Initiative, and the Casal d’Infants association.

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Interactive graphs to explore sustainability research and innovation in Catalonia

This website is based on the study “Map of Actors in Sustainability Research and Innovation in Catalonia” prepared by the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability in 2013. Ersilia has designed the website and the  interactive graphics showing:

  • The focus of research and innovation in environmental sustainability in Catalonia
  • The thematic areas of research and innovation
  • The types of interaction between the different actors

Link to website (catalan version)

New website for the XESC, the Catalan Sustainable Schools Network

The XESC launches a new website, designed and developed by Ersilia foundation to facilitate the dissemination of its activities and resources and to make more agile updating the content. The web provides a set of best practices that can inspire other schools when promoting environmental literacy and education for sustainability. The XESC is formed by the network of green schools and other local local networks that promote environmental education programmes in Catalonia.

Tools 2.0 for a local movement

Ersilia Foundation is collaborating with the neighbourhood association “Fem Poble” (Sant Miquel de Balenyà) in the project to imagine a town with better quality parks and public spaces. We believe a high quality parks and public spaces are an essential feature of successful neighbourhoods where people want to live, work, play and invest. What we do?: We hear the ideas of the residents to improve public spaces and we draw or compose images so they can visualize how these spaces would change if their  ideas are put into practice. We provide 2.0 tools, as a web or Facebook or Instagram channels, with the idea of providing opportunities for participation and debate and to create consensus that parks and public spaces are a genuine political and financial priority.

Logo and New website for the Catalan Association of Town Planners

The new board of the Association of Town Planners of Catalonia (ACTU) wants to boost the organization, strengthening and promoting it, encouraging participation and improving members support services. The Ersilia foundation has designed a logo for the organization and has developed a new website. www.

Map to find out school vegetable and fruit gardens in Barcelona

The schools that have vegetables gardens are growing. These gardens are in planters, or in  greenhouses, they are large, medium or small, filled with vegetables or aromatic plants, and put together they create a rich network of vegetable gardens and biodiversity.  The foundation Ersilia has developed a visualization tool to explore the school vegetable and fruit gardens in Barcelona.

Euroscience, young scientist website and video channel

Web portal that allows secondary school students to meet and interact with other students of common interests. With a video and photo gallery that showcases students’ researches, future plans and goals, plus information on scientific career development, international science fairs and ESOF’08 Programme for students.

New website for “International Study Services from Barcelona”

A website with information about courses, trips and complementary activities offered by ISSB. We have designed and developed the website and we take care of updating content.