Visions and Scenarios for the European Territory towards 2050

Why does Europe need a territorial vision now?   In an increasingly integrated and accelerating world, European common visions and policies are needed. We live in a world of emerging economies, fast population growth and massive migrations towards large megalopolises, exponential increases of flows of information, goods, energy and all kind of resources. Europe’s share of the world is disminishing in relative terms. Hundreds of millions of people are moving from poverty to middle classes worldwide but, at the same time, absolute social and regional disparities grow in the most developed world, also across European cities and regions. We face amazing technological prospects and major global environmental uncertainties. With increasing global threats and opportunities, policy matters and political choices to be made at European scale will be of paramount importance to prepare a sufficiently satisfying future for all European citizens in the coming decades. Ersilia foundation participated in the project dissemination.

ET2050 is a project partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund

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