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The Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat) offers an interactive website with learning lessons to promote the dissemination of statistical culture among primary students.

The website contains 17 educational activities organized by learning cycles that engage students  in statistical problem solving. It also includes two videos on: What statistics? And What is a survey? A glossary with definitions, examples and animations.

This site incorporates a Census at school, inspired by the Canadian Census at School, a tool for collecting data from students in the class, based on a brief online survey. The answers to this questionnaire is stored in a database and used in most of the website activities.

For this project, IDESCAT has the support of the Ministry of Education, and CREAMAT, the Resource Centre for Teaching and Learning Mathematics.

Ersilia Foundation has participated in the development of content with the support and supervision of a team of primary school teachers (Pere Joan Vinós, Montserrat Lladó and Jordi Payró) and has been responsible for the graphic design of the portal.