Ciutats Resilients
Ciutats Resilients Ciutats

Cities face growing risks: more variable temperatures and rainfall, extreme weather events, and rising sea levels – are accelerating the pace and intensity of the shocks and stresses facing communities globally. Cities are particularly vulnerable because of their concentration of people and assets, as well as the degradation of protective ecosystems. Without savings or voices in decision-making, the urban poor bear the brunt of these impacts. Ersilia  foundation has developed with the support of the Barcelona Provincial Council, and based on the work done by Mcrit to the City Council of Barcelona, a website ( that allows to read/watch and explore the plans and strategies that are being carried out in various cities in the world. On the other hand, we recommend educational resource “Designing a Resilient Community” aimed at secondary school students and teachers. It is a project based learning activity in which students assess their community’s ability to respond to crises and develop ideas for making it more resilient. This resource has been developed by Ecoliteracy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education for sustainable living.