The Ersilia Foundation participates in research, development and innovation projects:

This project is funded by Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance.

BUILD Solutions

The objective of the project is to set up transdisciplinary cooperation among universities and businesses to address a skills and financing gap in the biotechnology sector (in the context of the proposal it is indeed nature-based solutions that the consortium focuses on). The skills will help increase entrepreneurship and subsequent market uptake of intelligent living, biotech and biomimicry solutions to help green cities. The project will develop an experimental transdisciplinary education system linking biology, intelligent design and business expertise to provide a programme of educational courses, symposia, educational resources, an accelerator programme and an international call for ideas and new networks. 

This project is funded by the COST Action, supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020.


Interdisciplinary research and collaboration are recognized as a precondition to solve the problems and Grand Societal Challenges confronting societies and the planet today. However, although interdisciplinarity is increasingly central to science and research agendas, and is recognised as a precondition for sustainability, its effective implementation in research projects remains an exception to the rule. INTREPID is a 22 country network with the overall aim to better understand how to achieve more efficient and effective interdisciplinary research in Europe, in order to enhance our capacity to meet contemporary global (urban) challenges characterised by increasing complexity and uncertainty.

KAAU is financed by ERASMUS + Knowledge Alliances programme.


European cities are becoming living laboratories where industries carry on pilot projects to experiment new devices, all kind of sensors and online information and communication systems. The involvement of universities and research centres in this process is still limited. The increasing availability of data that comes from city sensors, creates new opportunities not just for monitoring and management, it will also radically change the way we may describe, understand and design cities, challenging many fundamental assumptions of the city design and planning professions. Our Consortium wants to build a Knowledge Alliance for Advanced Urbanism (KAAU) to promote the innovative education and training that emerging technologies require. KAAU will develop an educational and training platform in partnership with HEIs and well-established industrial partners and companies. The objective of this platform is to offer participants the possibility to engage in a semi-professional environment, and develop projects with the support and expertise of individuals and institutions that are commercially involved in their field of expertise.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 640401.


The aim of Mindset project is to offer a new understanding of mobility in Europe.

ET2050 is a project partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Visions and Scenarios for the European Territory towards 2050

Why does Europe need a territorial vision now?   In an increasingly integrated and accelerating world, European common visions and policies are needed. We live in a world of emerging economies, fast population growth and massive migrations towards large megalopolises, exponential increases of flows of information, goods, energy and all kind of resources. Europe’s share of the world is disminishing in relative terms. Hundreds of millions of people are moving from poverty to middle classes worldwide but, at the same time, absolute social and regional disparities grow in the most developed world, also across European cities and regions. We face amazing technological prospects and major global environmental uncertainties. With increasing global threats and opportunities, policy matters and political choices to be made at European scale will be of paramount importance to prepare a sufficiently satisfying future for all European citizens in the coming decades. Ersilia foundation participated in the project dissemination.