Andreu Ulied, Dr. Civil Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia- Barcelona Tech and Master in Design Studies from Harvard University. Partner Director of MCRIT since 1994 and President of Ersilia Foundation since 2004.

He has worked as consultant in most European countries, as well in North of Africa, China, India, Latino-America and the Caribbean on urban and regional planning issues for city councils and large infrastructure-related companies as well as for international institutions such as United Nations Habitat, World Bank, Inter-American Bank. 

Since 1997 he has been involved in international research projects. During 1997-2000, he co-ordinated three research projects in the 4th and 5th Framework Programme of Research of the European Commission (BRIDGES, ASSEMBLIG and spotlightsTN, ), then participated on the 7th European Research Programme (INTERCONNECT, PASHMINA, ORIGAMI, COMPASS, FLAGSHIP, LIVINGRAIL, HIGH-TOOL) now in Horizon 2020 (MIND-SETS) as well as in a number of research  projects in the ESPON programme, on European spatial planning.