BCN TR 2017

Barcelona Training School in Transdisciplinary Urban Research & Climate Change

Barcelona Training School provided methodological foundations and experience in designing and implementing inter/ transdisciplinary urban research.

The Training School was organised around a common framework of sustainable urban research and problem solving based on the interplay of the following five key competences:  System thinking competence, anticipatory competence, normative competence, strategic competence and interpersonal competence.

Barcelona Training School was linked to the Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona (CCCB) events focusing on Climate Change.  Thus, the training school also addressed questions as:

  • How academic institutions translate to the citizens the need for behavioural change regarding to Climate Change? –communication/educational challenge.
  • How scientific research is influenced by social values and preferences and is able to integrate citizens’ knowledge? –knowledge creation challenge.
  • How cultural institutions could contribute towards the process of involving citizens and scientists, as well as practitioners and politicians, in co-creation processes related to both knowledge and political action?  -political challenge.

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