Mobility is a very present issue in everyone’s life; however, it is an issue that, in many cases, is not part of the day-to-day running of schools and institutes. In general, issues related to mobility are worked on in a timely manner in the classrooms, subject to the initiative of the centres themselves. There is no reference person in the schools who is in charge of managing this problem or leading the dialogue with the competent administration. Complaints often come directly from the families themselves or are channelled through principals or study leaders.

Bearing this need in mind, the School Mobility Action Plan of Catalonia 2020-2021 (PAMEC) creates the Network of School Mobility Coordinators with the aim of promoting a reference figure in each school in terms of school mobility. They will serve as a link between the school, the families, the students, the city council and all the agents involved.

Ersilia is in charge of the capacity building for all sustainable mobility coordinators.