Educational project that bridges the gap between design, circularity, and urban transformation. It focuses on architecture, urban design, and product / service design to promote sustainable practices.



14 Living Labs across Europe analyze rural characteristics, pathways, and policy-making, focusing on environment, climate-energy, socio-economic, and digital aspects to enhance policy strategies.


Urban Shift

Urban Shift equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop innovative solutions and entrepreneurial ventures that address pressing environmental challenges in urban areas.



BENCHMARKS creates a network for soil research and monitoring, advocating sustainable land use. It develops a transparent, harmonized, and cost-effective monitoring framework with a soil health index using relevant indicators and advanced technologies.


Participatory Processes & Citizen Science

Ersilia offers workshops that invite citizens & other stakeholders to understand and influence decisions and processes that affect them, fostering inclusive decision-making and community participation in sustainability initiatives.

Future Mobility

REBALANCE: future mobility values and culture

A deliberative exercise for transformative transport policy, emphasizing emerging social values, SDGs, and climate change. It engaged experts to discuss and create a roadmap for a sustainable transport paradigm. Unconventional multidisciplinary thinkers provoked new thinking, aiming to shape a Manifesto for a New Mobility Culture and foster long-term cultural change in transport decision-making.

BUILD Solutions

BUILDs aimed at boosting innovation, entrepreneurship, and market uptake of intelligent living, biotech, and biomimicry solutions to foster greener cities.



ATHIKA focused on promoting more sensible engineering education through the co-creation of an online course titled “eHealth Opportunities and Challenges: IoT, AI, and Ethics.”


Intrepid aimed to enhance our understanding of effective inter and transdisciplinary research approaches to address contemporary global urban challenges.

What do we mean by active learning culture?

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