Rustik aims to enable rural communities’ actors and policy makers to design better strategies, initiatives and policies fostering sustainability transitions of rural areas.


Urban Shift

Urban Shift brings together diverse expertise, trainers and business to find holistic and hands-on solutions for fighting Urban Heat Islands and Food Waste.



Soil Health Benchmarks aims to build a European network for the characterisation of monitoring approaches for research and knowledge of soils.



More than 200 international students have developed their competences thank to the ATHIKA online course titled as “eHealth opportunities and challenges: IoT, AI and Ethics”

BUILD Solutions

Currently testing an experimental transdisciplinary programme that offers a combined training in biology, architectural design, and entrepreneurship…



We’ve released the project ebook that tells the story of a 32 country network aiming to better understand how to achieve more effective ID & TD research and collaboration

Future Mobility

REBALANCE: future mobility values and culture

REBALANCE will conduct an open deliberative forward-looking exercise towards a transformative transport policy in favour of a paradigm shift in mobility…

Network of School Mobility Coordinators

Offering capacity building to support cleaner transport modes and promote alternative behaviours in children’ mobility to and from school

Science Café on Future Scenarios

Offering a workshop that invite participants to explore the future in the same way experts do it, using a scenario-based methodology.

What do we mean by deep learning culture?

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