At Ersilia we like to connect people and knowledge from different disciplines and facilitate generative dialogues that allow collective thinking and shared visions. We offer training schools and workshops that are designed using active deep learning approaches, helping to develop higher order skills as critical thinking, self & collective awareness, system and future thinking and the capacity to be agile, flexible and adaptable.

These are some examples:

Examples of workshops aimed at secondary & primary school students

Learning by doing research

At Ersilia we have a long history of promoting research in high schools. For more than 10 years we have been virtual tutoring high school students in their research work (requirement of Secondary Education Institutes [...]

At Ersilia we believe that education is becoming not only about content knowledge, but everyday more about skills development and character building. The world no longer rewards people just for what they know- search engines know everything- but for what they do with what they know, how they behave in the world and how they adapt. Education is becoming more about creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, about modern knowledge- including our capacity to recognize and exploit the potential of new technologies, and about the character qualities that help fulfilled people live and work together and build a sustainable humanity (Schleicher, 2016).