ERSILIA Foundation was founded in 2004 by MCRIT Ltd ( a consultancy company specialised in urban and regional planning and policy evaluation (MCRIT stands for “Multicriteria”, the decision-support methodology). ERSILIA is a private non-profit foundation devoted to promote inter and transdisciplinary knowledge in order to enhance our capacity to meet contemporary global (urban) challenges (

More specifically ERSILIA:

  • Design strategies for inter/transdisciplinary learning and research
  • Facilitate workshops and training courses enabling individual and collective decision-making, aimed at promoting patterns of behaviour that are aware of the social and environmental impacts that they entail.
  • Design and develop innovative, creative and custom-made multimedia platforms and educational content.
  • Encourage knowledge alliance between businesses, universities, research centres and civic associations.
  • Share the knowledge acquired in R+D projects and make educational resources freely accessible through the internet.
  • Promote the dissemination and communication of scientific and humanistic knowledge, in all its manifestations

Ersilia foundation is named after one of the “Invisible Cities” of Italo Calvino

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Ersilia Board

Marite Guevara
Marite Guevara
Communications M.A.
Andreu Ulied
Andreu Ulied
MSc Philosophy, MSc Urbanism, Dr. Engineer
Jaume Jorba
Jaume Jorba
ICT systems development
Dubravka Kruljac
Dubravka Kruljac
Economist, expert in leadership & entrepreneurship