REBALANCE conducted an open deliberative forward-looking exercise towards a transformative transport policy in favour of a paradigm shift in mobility, pushing for the more effective ponderation of emerging social values not yet fully considered in transport policymaking, and a better alignment with the SDGs and the mounting concerns about climate change. To do so, REBALANCE launched a Europe-wide high-level discussion on all the fundamentals of transport policy embedded in the current mobility paradigm. By critically reviewing the present -also in the light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic which drastically affected our lifestyles- the project mobilised around the New Mobility Cultures and Policies Hub a wide network of transport experts and stakeholders to discuss and converge on a shared vision over a more sustainable path and jointly devise a roadmap for a new transport paradigm. The novelty, but also the strength of REBALANCE laid in the unconventional array of multidisciplinary thinkers that contributed to the debate.

As a new paradigm requires opening the windows of imagination, the project counted on the contribution of a multifaceted group of renowned philosophers, sociologists, social psychologists, geographers, and jurists that have not necessarily been involved in the past and current transport research debates. Their role was to provoke and shake the foundations of the current way of thinking and fertilize the continuing cultural and political deliberative process. The ultimate ambition was to reflect the joint effort in a Manifesto for a New Mobility Culture, to make sure that shared values and beliefs of Europeans are embedded in the fundamentals of the new transport policy, and lay the foundations for a long-term cultural change in the way people understand mobility and take decisions on transport policies.

Ersilia’s role:

Ersilia spearhead communication and dissemination activities, hosting the Experts Talks, and driving engagement and awareness around the need for a paradigm shift in mobility.

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