The New Mobility Cultures & Policies Hub (Rebalance mobility website) brings together different perspectives and voices, from visionary thinkers from humanistic fields, to high level mobility experts, stakeholders and European policy decision-makers, to create a fruitful knowledge-sharing space about the future of mobility.
The hub hosts co-creation and deliberative events ranging from in-depth interviews with visionary thinkers and mobility experts, to focus groups and open consultations that will stimulate the creation of networks and structures with the main transport & mobility research and innovation stakeholders (public administrations, companies, universities, citizens, etc.). In this regard, it is a useful resource for partner organizations, stakeholders, the media, and the public at large interested in new mobility cultures and policies aiming for a paradigm shift.
It also includes as a background reference a virtual library with articles and studies (or links) in mobility cultures and policies identified, as well as those related to thinkers participating in Rebalance activities; this knowledge hub also includes a repository of the communication strategies of the transport industry and transport administrations in Europe, particularly from European institutions, as well as articles and studies related to it.