Supporting the EU green deal by providing groud breaking green innovations for fighting climate change in urban areas

Urban Shift is a project aimed at reaching the goals of the EU Green Deal by providing ground-breaking innovations for fighting climate change in urban areas. The project will create a Living Ecosystem where educational institutions and businesses implement a Living Curriculum for transdisciplinary start-up education with learners of a diverse background. Over the 3 year programme, 10 transdisciplinary start-ups will be formed as well as other initiatives to boost the dissemination of the EU Green Deal and the work developed by the students.

The project objectives are:

  •  Bringing together diverse expertise, trainers and business to find holistic and hands-on solutions for fighting climate change in urban areas.

  •  Creating regional impact networks supporting the EU Green Deal.

  •  Fighting climate change with regard to urban challenges: ‘Urban Heat Islands’ & ’Food Waste/Circularity’ ‘Climate/ Extreme Weather Predictive Capability’ & ‘Mobility/ Circularity’.

  •  Promoting the EU Green Deal via innovative communication, information and inspiration.

Ersilia’s role:

Ersilia plays a pivotal role by defining urban challenges for start-up inception programs, organizing the Change Makers event, and participating in the program assessment.

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